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Selling Silver? See How to Sell Silver, Silver Coins, Silver Jewelry, Sterling Silver & Silverware! in Fort Collins, Colorado For Sale

Type: Tickets & Traveling, For Sale - Private.

Are You Wondering?
How do I sell my silver?
Where can I sell silver?
Do You Want To:
Sell Silver
Sell Silver Coins
Sell Sterling Silver
Sell Silver Jewelry
Sell Silver Bullion
Sell Silver Bars
Sell Silverware
If you are, we have great news!
Check out our LIVE PRICE CHART at:
And see what we are currently paying BEFORE you sell your silver!
If you think your best bet is to bring your gold or silver to a LOCAL buyer - You could be making a costly mistake! Yes, you will get paid right on the spot. You wont have to wait a few days for your money.... But you may be giving up your valuables for ONE HALF to ONE THIRD of what you can get from us!
We do not have "local offices".
Someone has to pay for retail overhead, staff, commission, etc... That someone is YOU, the seller! All that overhead will likely result in LESS MONEY IN YOUR POCKET!
We cater to the informed consumer who would rather get full value for their gold and silver.
Compare our prices to::
Pawn Shops
Antiques Dealers
Coin Shops
And especially the " As Seen On TV" guys or the traveling sideshows!
Many of these places are only really interested in GOLD and will either refuse to buy silver or will offer you an insulting price.
We LOVE to buy silver!
Silver is our specialty! (although we buy gold too)
Not only will we pay well, but we also post the prices we pay for silver right on our website at:
The Gold and Silver Exchange is a division of Exquisite Assets LLC and is proud to be an A+ Rated Better Business Bureau Accredited Business with Zero Complaints!
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